Baseball Opening Day–Special Poem Podcast, April 2017

Thank you to Kris Baker Dersch for selecting my poem for this very special Baseball Opening Day podcast on No Extra Words.

A literary celebration of a national pastime. (click on the photo to listen)

Come with Shawn Aveningo Sanders for “One Final Inning in St. Louis.” 

Susan Vollenweider  is back with a special guest telling us how she came to know “Baseball: My Way.” 

Niles Reddick’s famous name has him throwing out a “First Pitch.” 


In a brand-new segment, we are diving into the archives to bring back Angela Lombardo’s story from last year’s baseball opening day special…a gift for you Cubs fans. 

Most of us had someone who helped us learn to love the game. In Bill McStowe’s story, it’s “Astrid from Sweden.” 

You never know what will help you in this game. Carolyn Martin tells us why “It’s Good I’m Slow.”

Happy baseball season!

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