Journals & Anthologies

I’m truly honored and grateful to have my poetry published in these fine literary journals and anthologies:

(Online journals have link to the poem published, when possible)

Visual Verse, Vol 5, Chap 1, November 2017 — Emma Jane

PoeticDiversity – The Poetry Zine of Los Angeles, April 2017
           — “A Groupon for Women’s Plus-Size Mermaid Swimsuit” (nominated for Best of the Net, 2017)

Delaware Poetry Review, March 2017, This Thing Called Life–The Prince Issue — “Forever 19” 

mgversion2>datura: La petite mort, Jan 2017, Issue #87 — “Ecstatic Death” and “The Gift”

Writers Resist, Dec 2016 — “The First Snow after the Election”

Red Sky (Anthology on Violence against Women, Sable Books) — “The Day I Saw My Rapist at the Corner Texaco, parts 1 & 2”

Visual Verse, Vol 4, Chap 1 — “Never Wore the Same Pair Twice”

Allegro Poetry Magazine (UK), Dec 2016 — “Borscht, Bolshoi & KGB”

Visitant Lit, Oct 2016 — “On Making Bisque to Comfort the Mother who Lost her Son”

Timberline Review, Inaugural Issue, Summer 2015 — “Floating in her Mouth”

 Museum of Awkward (Oakland Installment)
          — “What Pray Tell Is a Pussy Fart?”

Visual Verse, Vol 3, Chap 12 — Her Blue Period”

PoeticDiversity – The Poetry Zine of Los Angeles, Nov 2016
           — “Keeping the Rabbit Warm”

Visual Verse, Vol 3, Chap 11 — “Quick, Before the Gate Closes”

Visual Verse, Vol 3, Chap 9 — “On the Ocean’s Edge”

Social Justice Poetry“A Mothers Dream”

Verse Virtual, July 2016 — “One Final Inning in St. Louis”

Inwood Indiana (The Reaping Issue) — “Alone in this Place”

Silver Birch Press (Beach Issue) — “For the Boy in a Wheelchair at a Florida Beach”

Verse Virtual, April 2016 — “Poetically Opposed”

Pure Slush (Australia), The Mirror Issue — “Corsets”

Silver Birch Press (Starting to Ride Issue) — “Training Wheels”

Social Justice Poetry“Just Another Day”

Silver Birch Press (Mane Issue) — “Angel Hair”

Verse Virtual, January 2016 — “Pink Ribbons”

Sparrow’s Trill (Minerva Rising, Jan 2016) — “Human”

Suisan Valley Review, 2016 — “Arranged” and “Nadine’s Knuckles”

The Poeming Pigeon: Doobie or Not Doobie? (4/20/16)– “Ivy and Weed”

Kind of Hurricane Press Editors Award Finalist — “Arranged”

OccuPoetry, March 2016 — “Behind Bars” and “Taken Down by the Police”

Elohi Gadugi, Jan 2016 — “Get Yourself a New Weather Girl”

Songs of Eretz (Annual Contest Finalist, Dec 2015) — “Crabgrass in Suburbia”

Suisan Valley Review, 2015 — “Decisions, Decisions”

The Poeming Pigeon: Poems about Food (Fall 2015)— “How to Eat a Strawberry”

Oregon Poetry Association (Spring Contest, Honorable Mention for Ghazal Category) “Safe Distance from the Flame”

Poeming Pigeons: Poems about Birds (Spring 2015)– “What They See” (aka “Bird Watching”)

Songs of Eretz (March 2015) — “Bird Watching”

Shattered (Kind of Hurricane Press, Anthology) — “Becoming Ophelia”

Léannan, Love & Marriage Issue (South Africa) — “Saturday Nights”

PDXX Collective (Dec, 2015, now Visitant Lit) — “Nothing Left to See”

PDXX Collective (Dec, 2015, now Visitant Lit) — “On Why The Editor Can’t Objectively Select Poems  After Sex”

FIVE  (5 yr Anniversary Print Issue from Pure Slush, Australia) — “Take Five”

MUSED Quarterly, Winter 2015 — “Angel Hair” and “It’s Soothing Gift”

*Star 82 Review, Issue 3.4, Dec 2015 — “Safe Distance From the Flame” 

Snapdragon, Summer 2015 — “Perpetual”

Of Course, I’m a Feminist! (Anthology celebrating International Women’s Day, 2015) — “Empty”

Page & Spine (Jan 2015) — “This Is My Body”

Deep Waters Literary Journal (South Africa, Aug, 2014) — “He Doesn’t Know”

Weatherings (Future Cycle Press, 2015) — “They Call Me Mary”

Elohi Gadugi, Fall 2014 — “Jasmine”

Minerva Rising (Food Issue, 2014) — “Strawberry Jam”

Munyori Literary Journal (Featured Poet) — “Born Where Men Go to Die”, “And the Question Is…”, “Shape Shifting”, “Last Call” and “Citizen’s Mistress”

VoiceCatcher – A Journal of Women’s Voices & Visions, Summer 2014 — “Binders Full of Women”

Whisperings Literary Journal (Volume 3, Issue 1,Mountain Tales Press) — Featured Poet: “Thought Drops,” “American Cannibals,” “Crabgrass in Suburbia,” “Poetically Opposed” and “Virtuoso”

Napalm & Novocain — “black widows and divorce”

Kind of a Hurricane Press (Something Brewing Anthology)– “Saturday Morning at Starbucks”

Eternal Snow (Anthology edited by Yuyu Sharma) — “Himalaya”

Boston Poetry Magazine (Feb 2014) — “Blue Moon,” “Cancer Beetles” and “Shane’s Beach”

PoeticDiversity – The Poetry Zine of Los Angeles, April 2014
          — “Can’t Quite Fill the Space” (Pushcart Nominee)

The Kentucky Review (2014) — “Pie Filling” and “Mapping His Freckles”

Rubicon: Words and Art Inspired by Oscar Wilde (Sybaritic Press) — “From the Depths”

Benicia Annual Love Poetry Contest, 2014 Finalist — “The Shape of Your Mouth”

River Poets Journal – Special Edition Anthology — “Runaway”

From the Depths Quarterly Review (Haunted Waters Press, Summer 2014) — “Emma Jane”

Crossing Over (Main Street Rag, 2014) — “Jungle Fever”

PoeticDiversity – The Poetry Zine of Los Angeles, April 2014
          — Post Divorce Tarot Reading: A Courtship Trifecta

Keeping It Weird: Stories and Poems of Portland, Oregon — “A Girl and a Pole”

Chicago Literati — “Too  Soon”

Tule Review (Sacramento Poetry Center, Fall 2013) — “The Second Time I Lost My Kidney”

From the Depths Quarterly Review (Haunted Waters Press, Fall 2013) — “How to Build a Home,” “Take Five” and “Root Beer Floats”

Paper Bag Writers Project (Nov, 2013) — “In From Out of the Cold”

Sacramento Voices (Cold River Press) — “Unfastening,” “Midnight in Missouri,”  “Mirror, Mirror” and “Waiting for the Age of Aquarius”

From the Depths Quarterly Review (Haunted Waters Press, Summer 2013) — “Unfinished Sentences”

Metric Conversions (Nazar Look – Romania) — “Union”

National Poetry Month Anthology (Writing Knights Press, 2013) — “A Single Drop of Sweat”

Savage Melodies & Last Call Serenades (Six Ft Swells Press) — “What Hat?” and “Journey’s Rush”

Nefarious Ballerina (Shoe Music Press) — “The Hungarian Adventurer”

Voice of Lincoln Annual Contest Anthology, 2012 — 1st Prize Winner (What Money Can’t Buy): “And Life Goes On” and 2nd Prize Winner (Unbelievable but true): “Fingerpainting”

Longest Hours: Thoughts While Waiting (Silver Boomer Books) — “Biopsy”

Zingara Poetry Picks — “Now You See It, Now You Don’t”

WTF?! (Rattlesnake Press, Fall, 2012) — “This Ain’t No Bangles Song”

Harbin Hot Springs Poetry Contest — 3rd Place Winner: “Canopy”

From the Four-Chambered Heart: Anais Nin Tribute Anthology (Sybaritic Press) — “Dear Henry”

Seattle Erotic Festival Anthology (2012) — “Fucking Alliteration,” “Ecstatic Death,” “Bewitched” and “My Religion”

Skin 2 Skin: Art of the Lesbian — “A Mother’s Dream”

New Orleans by Gaslight (Black Tome Books) – “Pocketful of Coppers”

Tincture Journal (Australia) – “Traffic Jam”

Featherlit — “He Loved”

Cliterature — “Was Black Friday Part of Mayan Calendar?”

The Oddity (Absurd Publications) — “Empty”

Pirene’s Fountain (Beverage Issue, Glass Lyre Press) — “Morning Ritual”

The Possibility Place — “A Mother’s Dream”

WTF?! (Rattlesnake Press, 2011) — “Muse-ic”

Poets Corner – Sacramento News & Review  (April 2012)– “R(ela)x”

Wait a Minute, I Have to Take off my Bra (Inkspotter Publishing (Canada) — “Pink Ribbons”

Convergence: Journal of Poetry & Art (Editors Choice, 2011) — “Business Proposal,” “Let My Soul Dance” and “Patchwork Heart”

Prospective: Journal of Speculation (Loyal Stone Press) — “Hell Hath No Fury”

Poetry Now (Sacramento Poetry Center, various print issues, 2008-2009) — “Where Does Poetry Live,” “Red Dress,” “Taurus Fell Under the Moon,” “Play for Me Claire de Lune,” “Generations” and “Capitalism”

Survivor’s Review (June 2008) — “Remission”

Rattlesnake Review (Spring, 2009) — “Speak” 

Rattlesnake Review (Summer, 2008) — “Gadzooks,” “Laughter,” “Doohickey,” “Rules of 4” and “Saturday Morning at Starbucks”

Rattlesnake Review (Winter, 2008) –“Like Snow”

The Obsidian (Rattlesnake Press) — “Pancakes”