Poetry Books by Shawn Aveningo

The following poetry collections were published between 2009 thru 2012 and are available purchase online via The Poetry Box Bookstore.


Cover of Stripped STRIPPED is a collection of poetry congruent to that of an onion. With its multitude of layers and meaning, the reader is sure to find one or more poems they can “relate to.”

There are stories of a mother stripped of a her child, the vain stripped of beauty and youth, a woman stripped of purpose, the proud stripped of dignity, a family stripped of their home, a nation stripped of security, and lovers stripped of their hearts.

On a lighter side, there is playful verse about strippers, souls stripped of inhibition, and even the private portrayal of a woman stripping for her man.

It all starts with a dedication poem…take a peek and find yourself, or someone you know. But don’t stop there. Take this book and breathe in the portraits of mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, friends, lovers, and strangers.

Because in the end, we are all connected, and we’re all, at one time or another, stripped.


Gene Bloom – Poet/Author/Publisher

“Shawn, who I do not take lightly, is equitable to stock market parlance, “A market mover”, in this collection, ranging from sensitive material (evocative loss) to positive hope, and then to lustful ecstasy. Her vivid imagination, familial responsibility, life observances and sensuality is so often apparent as you can read for yourself.

She is fairly new to the Sacramento poetry scene; and her recent emergence I liken to a helium filled balloon rising higher and higher. She is ripe fruit, tasteful and colorful in her language, leading you on her poetic trail…and towards the end, exploding in your ear with tasteful simple eloquence. Nothing abstract or tedious, .. and sometimes, when she lets her hair down, outrageous lustful ecstasy thrown in to let you know that she’s all woman.”

Luke Warm Water – Lakota Poet/Author

“In this collection, Shawn Aveningo has stripped beyond flesh (also clothing covering skin) straight to the bone, painting over with words of lust, pain, sexuality, disease; combined for final picture of truths. On death beds, in love lost and in love, these poems bite to the core of realism. Suck in these poems of tragic beauty from the suburban hot housewife song.”

Because Red Is Your Favorite Color

Cover--Because Red is Your Favorite Color The five sections of the book tell different sides of the story of human relationships, taking you from flirtation to loss, and from passion to sorrow to the slender hope that is reborn with second chances.

As a frequent Open Mic and Featured Poet Performer, she has become known for her heartfelt, passionate verse.

She has written this collection especially for lovers…

….who are trying to find love through the art of flirtation,

….who have discovered passion and are feeling the yearning from a long distance relationship or perhaps just can’t bear to be away from each other for even a day,

….who are lucky enough to be involved in loving relationships so deep they are free and confident to express their ecstasy,

….who are feeling the pain of heartache, betrayal or loss,

….and who are bravely trying to start over again, knowing that love and companionship are worth giving it one more try.


Bill Gainer – Poet/Author/Publisher

“Aveningo’s poems tell of a life experienced at full speed. In this, her latest collection, she splashes the pages with the wild emotions – love, lust, longing…and oh yes, the slippery one – passion… ”

James Lee Jobe – Poet/Blogger/Radio Personality

“Shawn Aveningo’s poems are fully feminine; sensual, full of the experience of life as a very complete woman. The five sections of the book tell different sides of the story of human relationships, taking you from flirtation to loss, and from passion to sorrow to the slender hope that is reborn with second chances.”

Aveningo crafted a collection of poems in Because Red is Your Favorite Color that fully experience the sensual world around us. In this world we fall in love, not always with the right person, but always with a passion and a hope. Aveningo infuses her language with a music whose rhythm is the heartbeat of reality. These are not poems that are confusing or obscure. They are colloquial and very clear, and they sound rich when read aloud. This is a book you will want to return to, time and time again.”


 And Life Goes On . . .

 In July of 2007 Shawn Aveningo received a call from her dad, and she knew something was wrong. He was talking to her about a tick bite he got while golfing and strange symptoms that just wouldn’t go away. A month later, they found out he had Renal Carcinoma (Kidney Cancer) on his one remaining kidney.

In her first conversation with her father’s doctor after his surgery she asked if she could donate a kidney to her dad. They had to wait at least two years before a transplant would be considered. After months of tests for both Shawn and her father, a successful kidney transplant took place on November 16, 2009.

It’s been a tremendously rewarding experience but a journey full of emotions ranging from elation, to fear, impatience, frustration, fear and back to elation again. In order to manage some of these feelings, she found comfort in one of her favorite hobbies…writing poetry.

Proceeds from the sale of this book benefit the National Kidney Foundation.


Poetica Erotica – Volume 1 

Cover Poetica Erotica 

Shawn Aveningo, Lytton Bell, and Cynthia Linville (also known as “Poetica Erotica”) explore lust, love, and longing with irreverence, and at times humor, but always with unbridled sensuality in this collection of erotic poetry.





She Has Something To Say

 Part One: Beyond White Picket Fences–explore as a suburban, soccer mom leaves her own backyard to tackle social issues, political views, and the side of life that is not always pretty.

Part Two: A Day in the Life–this half of the book is a bit lighter with a look at life’s humorous and poignant moments, as well as personal accounts of the author.

[Sold Out]


Audio Books Narrated by Shawn Aveningo


Forgotten Spaces — Poetry for a Pensive Mind

(Darkwater Syndicate Publishing)

Forgotten Spaces Audio Book CoverThese twenty-five poems explore the dark paths on our walks through life: addiction, bereavement, solitude. These are the forgotten spaces, blighted areas we pretend don’t exist. Everybody’s got one. For some, it’s outside their windows; others, it’s under their very roofs. But regardless of where these dark places are, a pit of quicksand is just as deadly no matter where located.

Tread lightly.

The audiobook is narrated by Shawn Aveningo. Poetry by Steven M. Fonts, R. Perez de Pereda and Antonio Simon, Jr.